What is a Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels are assigned to you by God the moment you made your first cry into this beautiful world. As such there could be one or even several angels watching after you spiritually. They are always by your side and protecting you from harms. Unlike archangels, guardian angels are yours exclusively it is their task to take care of you. No matter you are believe in God or Universe, there is always at least one angel by your side. 

An angel that watches over the earth and more importantly, the humans that inhibit the Earth. They are here for us.  Except, they are unlike any other angel we have seen. They aren’t your  typical “spirit guide” which could easily take the form of a person and channel messages to you. Instead, these angels never take the human form but there are many signs which give off their presence.

Who are the Guardian Angels

There are as many as 72 angels in this world. However the more famous angels, there are only 7 of them. These names are the names of the guardian angels most commonly known as:

Archangel Michael 

He is the leader of all the angels and even the archangels. God  protects him with a blue ray. Michael is responsible for offering  protection towards the people of Earth. He can provide protection in  an accident, severe crimes, or even spiritual protection from demons.  If you are fearful for your future, call upon Michael and he will  protect you with all his might. 

Archangel Jophiel 

Jophiel rides on a yellow ray and is one of the wisest archangels out  there. He is a very intelligent angel and if you are looking for guidance  in education or business, he is there to help. If you need to study for  an upcoming even, Jophiel will shed his intelligence upon you,  allowing you to remember facts and certain dates. 

Archangel Chamel 

They say that Chamuel is the archangel of “love”. He is able to guide  you in relationships with family, friends, or even someone who  recently passed away. Another one of his abilities is being able to find  items. He is known for finding certain items and even finding  relationship solutions. 

Archangel Gabriel 

Almost everyone knows the archangel named Gabriel. In the Bible, it  is said that Gabriel had made a connection with Mary, informing her of a baby she would give birth to. This baby was known as “Jesus”. He  lives on a white ray of “purity”. If your life is full of chaos and has no  direction, summoning Gabriel will help you achieve success. He is  there to provide discipline and order in someone’s life. 

Archangel Raphael 

Raphael is responsible for healing of the body, mind, and soul. When  you are in need of emotional healing, he will be there to comfort you.  In case your physical or material needs are not being met, Raphael  will find a way to give you clothes and shelter. If you are going  through a tough time and are on about to be evicted from your home,  he will take care of you. 


Archangel Uriel 

If you are looking for peace and resolution in your life, calling on  Uriel is what you should do. He has a ray of purple and gold. Some  say the ray is adorned with a special ruby. If you are fighting with  someone or having any kind of dispute, call upon Uriel. He will come  between you and the other person, providing a peaceful and stable  environment. 

Archangel Zadkiel 

Have you ever had trouble forgiving someone in your life? Maybe you  have a family member who’s caused you much pain and you are  unable to forgive. If so, summon Zadkiel. He is the archangel of  forgiveness. They say that someone who cannot forgive is unhappy  and he will allow you to be happy again. 

More Guardian Angels with other Roles

There are many more angels who are in charge of other matters in this world. Not that they are not worth mentioning but just that the top 7 names are the more commonly known ones or this post is going to be way too long for you to absorb.

How to spot a Guardian Angel presence

In order to spot an archangel, you need to be highly intuitive and well known about spirituality. This could take months or years for you to develop. Otherwise, some  people are blessed with seeing some of the signs they give.

Guardian Angels follow you all your life and if you already know, the time of the angels are 11:11. Have you ever notice your cellphone or any clock around you point to 11:11 when you randomly need to know the current time unknowingly? That is one of the sign your angel is trying to send you a sign. 

And when you developed strong spirituality in you, the moment your angel is helping you, you notice that your vibration level change right away. So noticing the presence of your angel is not going to be easy, while summoning them to communicate with them are some how easier.

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Why do you need to summon an Angel

Some people are curious on why an angel should be summoned.  They can be summoned at any time, even if it is not an emergency. If  you are in a situation where you meet someone new and don’t trust  their intentions, you may summon an angel to help you. You well know your angel has better intuition when it comes to human minds. and personality. 

Angels will give you a look into the future. Their messages can be subtle or strong, depending on how intuitive you are. They tend to give off strong messages for those that aren’t exactly connected with the  spiritual world. These are the people who need guidance the most and  most likely, they do not meditate. That doesn’t mean an archangel cannot reach them.

Have you ever had a close encounter with death? If so, an angel could have been watching over you. There was a huge accident in your neighborhood where a car was flipped over and sadly, the person  inside was instantly killed.  

Before you arrived at the accident, you realized how close you were to being there since you always take the same route. However, the phone rang before you left and someone or something told you to pick it up.  You trusted your instincts. There was no one on the phone though, it was just static. In this case, you did not summon the angel but they had come to your rescue by stalling you. 

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So, Who are my Guardian Angels?

Now that you know the importance of your guardian angels. Next you need to learn who they are and how do you communicate with them on a daily basis. But first thing first, you need to learn of who they are even before you can start your long life relationships with them. Your angels can be calculated by using your first given name, and not what you name yourself after you grow up. I found this free program which is able to help you with that.

You need to key in your name and birth date and voila, you find them . Tap the button below and find out who they are and how do you communicate with them from now on.