What is Spiritual Meditation

Before we delve into How To Meditate Spiritually, we first need to understand what it is and why we need it. Spiritual Meditation is self finding, it is an sacred experience to enter deep into your soul and find out who you are. Its purpose is to cleanse your soul and start healing yourself inside out. One of the greatest benefit is to learn to let go of what is hurting you (usually bad experience from the past). Mastering spiritual meditation is learning all about the present, seeking solace and peace while letting go of the past. After mastering this step, you can then start to set your vision for your future.

Spiritual meditation has been around for thousand of years, monks, especially have been doing this for centuries. The journey to spiritual meditation takes time to learn. Progress is not possible to achieve overnight; promises of a quick fix are improbable at best. Tons of discipline and practice are needed to achieve spiritual realization, however the long-term benefits are the juice of this mastery. For people who wish to grow spiritually, this is one of the must-learn technique.

How To Meditate Spiritually

Finding a good spot for meditation

What is a good spot for meditation? Imagine you wanting to be alone and undisturbed, where would you go to? If there isn’t such a place in the city you live in, then you can settle for a quiet spot in your own home. Be sure to turn off your phone or put it to silence at least. You need that spot to be airy, yet not too windy as the sound of the wind may interfere with your meditation. You can also listen to some light music if you so wish, but we recommend that you don’t do this when you first started out. As you need to be in full focus of the process, we suggest that you do it quietly.

Position yourself comfortably

Once you settle for a post to do it, sit upright but relax your whole body. Avoid being tensed on all your muscles, just chill and relax. Any tension will make you uncomfortable or even ache you over time. You need to be in this position for at least 10 – 15 minutes. You can even also choose to lay down on your mat or couch, however, siting upright is still preferred. Siting upright does not mean you will need to cross your legs, your legs can be in any posture so long you feel comfortable. Remember that you are not a monk, so you can sit in any way comfortable, so long your legs are laying on something stable. 

One of the very important thing is, your palms need to be open and facing upward always. Doesn’t matter if you are siting or laying down, your palms must face upward. 

Mind and Soul

Now, clear your mind and relax. Think nothing and nothing at all. Take a deep breathe to start, inhale deeply for 3 seconds and slowly let it out for 5 seconds. Repeat this process, be real good at it as this is the key for meditating spiritually. Listen to your surrounding, that fan whirling, that breeze sliding past your face or that cricket or frog calling out. Spiritual meditation is about letting go and being in the presence, so breathe and listen. Rinse and repeat this procedure for the next 15 minutes while you body is fully at ease.

Do this twice a day if you can spare it, over time, you will slowly heal your mind and soul. And you will unknowingly let go of those pain which is haunting you. You need to be the master of this process and I can guarantee you, your health will be better through this techniques. Not only that, you learn to let go of grudges and slowly but surely you will live in the presence. Wish to learn how to clear your chakra and grow spiritually? Tap On This.

Connect Spiritually Now

After you get used to the above techniques, which you will, you will start learning the spiritual connection. The above mastery should take you anything from weeks to 3 months. As you are doing the same process, now, you start listening to audio, sound of nature is preferred. Unless your meditation spot is out in the nature which is much preferred. Play some light music with nature sound, like you are on a mountain top or by a beach with light wave clashing on it. 

You may start to think of your God or your higher up. Speak to them, or say a prayer while meditating. Only do this when your body is in full meditation mode. Reach out to them and thank them for what you have and for what you are. Eventually, your spirituality will start to grow hand in hand with your meditation.

The benefits of spiritual meditation

If you are a free thinker, then doing just the meditation is enough to bring you the below mentioned benefits.

  • Greatly reduce or release stress
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Have better sleep (which in turn helps in healing your body)
  • Boosting your health immunity
  • Forgive and most importantly, forget grudges
  • Elevate your energy and mood
  • Grow spiritually from deep within
  • Improving memory greatly
  • Be able to focus and concentrate better

Be disciplined and follow through

Just by looking at all the benefits you will gain, it is perhaps better than any medication you can buy out there. Prevention is always better than Cure. It is never too late nor too old to start meditating spiritually. So get started and follow it through, there is so much more to gain than to lose. With all the health and emotional benefits, you will tend to be able to do more in life than lose more in life. Being at a happy state is all that matters. As you may already know, life is not long, so staying happy and healthy means so much to us. Below, I have prepared a presentation for you to achieve happiness and healthy in a different way from meditation. Be sure to check it:

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