What is a Spirit Animal

A spirit animal often refers to a totem or animal which is watching over you. During the ancient America time, tribes has been using these animals as a guidance and motivation to guide their way of living. They even pray and look upon them as Gods for some tribes. Using these animals behavior and character, they mimic their actions to live, strive and even to conquer at some extreme cases.

The belief in spirit animals focuses on the theory that a human can have a magical bond with a certain spiritual guide or spirit helper which takes the form of a assigned animal. This animal is usually assigned to the person during the age of youth and from thereon, they are inseparable by any means. The bonding is so close the bearer and the spirit animal that the bearer takes on some of the characteristics of the spiritual animal. The spiritual animal guide and protect the person who shares or embodies the animal’s qualities. You can also find your Guardian Angel for help here.

What Spirit Animals are there

Spirit Bear 

The bear represents courage and strength. Brute force and leader of the apex predator in his own habitat. The symbol for Ground and healing ability. Tenacious is one of her ability that makes her able to persevere in her own fighting ground. Very protective to her family members and act as the leader for her bearer.

The Cocoon turns Butterfly

The symbol of reform from a cocoon which magically emerged to a butterfly. An animal of true beauty and curiosity. If this comes out to be your current spirit animal, changes will be soon happening in your life. A butterfly is ever changing and so is your life, watch out for new changes coming your way and usually a beautiful new change is going to be realized soon.

The Trickster Spirit Coyote

The master of wisdom with a twist, Coyote has a sense of humor and loves to play trick. If this is your spiritual guide, it could mean that you need to take things and matters easier in life, it will help you to relax by showing you her tricks hidden up her furs. A true brilliance in all forms or spiritual animals.

The Mysterious Crow

The bird totem which rules transformation and vision, this magical bird gives you great vision in life and sight. A master of Destiny, be graced by this ugly yet magnificent predator. You will be guided with ultimate sight of your own future and with great flexibility, you are highly adaptable to your new surrounding and environment.

The family oriented Dolphin

Ever see those dolphin tattoo on a random stranger? Symbolizing harmony and balance. Dolphins instincts are protective and hardworking, striking a balance between the two characteristics. Dolphins are hardworking individual who also loves to play during work but yet looking out for their mates. Their playful nature is a simple reminder that everyone needs to approach life with humor and joy. People has dolphins as their spiritual guides usually peaceful and gentle but with a strong and serious character within.

The Hawk

Your focus and your keen observations are largely due to your spiritual animal instincts which you draw from a spirit hawk. The hawk bearer are very observant of what they want to achieve, and once they are focused on a task, they will get it done with full concentration. The master of vision and concentration are the trademarks of this gorgeous bird which rule the sky.

The Spiritual Horse

The love for freedom and passion will point you to this animal, Stallion. They have great drive and their love for freedom rules over everything else. They have amazing motivation that when they want something, they will go for it. Nothing seems to be able to stop this creature. Their sexual energy seems to be endless too when it comes to love relation.

King of the grassland, Spirit Lion

King of the Grassland or even Jungle. This beast rules all of them. Lion spirit is sheer strength and power, their ego is of the highest and their power to rule is too much for any random barrier. They cannot be controlled and must be in charge of their surroundings. People with spirit lion has to learn to let go for not all the things they are able to control over. 

Master Shifu, Spirit Owl

The true master of wisdom, this totem symbolizes intuition, wisdom, care and change. If this is your spirit animal, you are blessed with the most sensitive nose and eyes. You can detect any mishaps about to happen or any evil within the person you just meet. You are a master of face-reading too. Learning so much with a small amount of time. Fast learner and pick up tricks and things with an amazing speed.


The healer, Spirit Snake

Totem of Healing is in this spirit animal. It means you are a natural healer yourself. You change and you can heal others. This is a form of Life and believe to be the most important of all totems. The basic of life changing and healing are your most powerful weapons to wield, if this is not enough, then you also have the natural ability to manifest things out of thin air. You also hide immerse energy in you when it comes to life changing time, you will be fully ready. 

The Spirit Spider

Master of creation, the spider is somehow blessed to create new things in life. If this is your spirit animal, you will be very creative and love making new innovation. Feminine also rules this animal. You are highly receptive to other people ideas and words and your true strength in patience will pay you off in life. Laying in wait for new chance to spring up while creating your web of capturing new opportunity.

The humble Turtle

You are emotionally sensitive to other people feeling and you are kind enough not to harm anyone in life. You prefer peace and are very determined to have peace in your world. A very down to earth and humble person is one who has turtle as their spirit animal. You may need to explore more of your surrounding if you want to break through in your life and something you need to hurt someone before you can break out of your shell. 

The Wolf

The wolf has some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals. The trades of the wolf exude instinct, pure intelligence and an insatiable appetite for being free. You have the need to connect to your surrounding friends and strengthen those relationships. Pay more attention to your new found friends, as not all friends are true and giving. 

How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal

After learning that there are so many spirit animals and their trades, it is perhaps the time for you to find out what is your current spirit animal which is with you. This spirit animal is with you for a long time but they can change when you enter certain stage of your life. You need to keep checking for them and when you find them, you must know how to take advantage of their help in your endeavors. 

Tap here: The best way to find them is by keying in your birthdate or by answering these quiz to find out.