Why unblocking Chakras is crucial

This is one of the urgent reason why you do not have the perfect health, body and spirit you need and dreamed of. Chakras are the energy bank in our body and any one of them turning to unbalanced could spell a major problem to our health, well-being and eventually affecting our wealth.

Blocked Chakras spells trouble

When our chakras are blocked, our energy within us ain’t moving or flowing in a way they should be. It inevitably tire us easily making us feeling lethargic. In long term, this may even end up making us unable to have a normal night rest even though we can feel so tired. With a worn out body and affected spirit, there is no way we can do much, let alone achieving our daily tasks on time. 

Clearing Chakras for Beginners

By clearing, I mean we really clear. Like how you clear those leaves and branches on the top of your drainage cover so water could flow in smoothly. Chakras are like what Asians refer to ‘Qi’. Qi refers to energy flowing within us. Qi is what gives us a robust health and that radiant look on our face. Is what determine our whole well-being. 

Clearing blockage is done primarily by mediation. Seated in a correct posture and using the exact breathing method for hours. Or another way is through Yoga meditation, which is a form of exercise to remove those blockages. Or You can use this link to enhance this effect too. 

The accelerated way to clear 

However, I believe you may not have the time or space to do either of these. This is why many came to us for solution. Practitioners or even beginners have found using this method to be the quickest and most beneficial way. Due to many of us having really busy schedules day in day out. So of us literally have no time for hours of meditation nor Yoga. Meditation and Yoga will be explained separately in other posts we got here in New Age Spirituality.

The most advanced and yet lazy way is to find a quiet spot, put your cell phones to ‘silence’ mode. This place could be in a closet, park, wilderness or even your bathroom. A place where no one else would interrupt or take your attention away from you.

Put on a pair of earbuds and hit’ Play’. For just 30 minutes a day, and just after a few days (3-5 days) you will start to experience things changing. Your body starts to heal, you feel surge of new energy channeling within your body and even experience a peace and balance in your own identity and purpose. This is perhaps one of the best known way for clearing Chakras for beginners if you wish to shorten the entire process. You may also learn how to meditate spiritually with step by step guidance here.

Your chakras is healing and flowing

This is when your body starts to heal and you feel yourself is brand new after weeks of doing this simple but effective method. You get to sleep well and long, and this is when the real repair starts, your deep sleep is when your theta mode is turned ON. Deep sleep is the best way to heal and repair your body of any damages which you have done to it over the years. The longer your deep sleep mode is activated, the more and faster your body repairs itself.

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So, you may be thinking, what audio am I talking about? This is a program which requires you to be discipline for 30 minutes a day. Listen to it, relax and it will do its work miraculously. The exact instructions are all in this link which I will put below this post. This is a program unlike many others you have heard of. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect program for you to try out since it is guaranteed for you and same goes to anyone else willing to give it a try. I shall say no more as of now. Go through the whole Video and understand the whole process and you will understand how it works. This is the best way for clearing Chakras for beginners. Good luck and best of health.


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