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Clearing Chakras for Beginners Spiritually 

Why unblocking Chakras is crucial This is one of the urgent reason why you do not have the perfect health, body and spirit you need and dreamed of. Chakras are the energy bank in our body and any one of them turning to unbalanced could…

Law Of Attraction

Prayer For Financial Blessings 

How Quarantine led a laid-off bartender to discover “Prayer For Financial Blessings” and manifest $1379 in just 2 days 23,637 people are now using this Money Prayers to receive urgent financial help. Hi I’m Annie Woods, my job was taken by the pandemic which is…


Who Are My Guardian Angels And Why We Need Them? 

What is a Guardian Angel Guardian Angels are assigned to you by God the moment you made your first cry into this beautiful world. As such there could be one or even several angels watching after you spiritually. They are always by your side and…