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Life Prediction By Date Of Birth and Location 

Life Prediction By Date Of Birth Life Prediction By Date Of Birth and Location: Last 2 posts, we spoke about how date of birth affects your whole life opportunity and luck. You should read this last post before you read this continuation post. Human all…


How To Command Money Spiritually Towards You 

How To Command Money Spiritually This is not something anyone can achieve easily. Commanding money spiritually requires a lot of discipline, time and perseverance to eventually master it. It is a sacred skill to have and millions of people have been trying reach that level….


How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal 

What is a Spirit Animal A spirit animal often refers to a totem or animal which is watching over you. During the ancient America time, tribes has been using these animals as a guidance and motivation to guide their way of living. They even pray…


How To Meditate Spiritually 

What is Spiritual Meditation Before we delve into How To Meditate Spiritually, we first need to understand what it is and why we need it. Spiritual Meditation is self finding, it is an sacred experience to enter deep into your soul and find out who…