What is a Miracle Prayer and how to make it works

A miracle prayer is something you ask from God/Universe and it happens almost instantly. A prayer is said correctly in the correct state of mind could trigger a miraculous effect. However, if you have never believed or put your faith in God/Universe, nothing you say is going to work. You got to be spiritually attached to a belief. And that is why becoming a spiritual person helps a lot when it comes to the time where you need miracle to happen.

What type of miracle could happen immediately

There are many miraculous events which are happening in the world even as you are reading this. It could be you are seeking for an answer and you happen to chance upon this site and reading the information here. Below are some of the miracle which happens very frequently without you realizing.

  • Jamie was thirsty on a random summer day. She walked to a nearby vending machine and only to find out that she ran out of coins. And accidentally she dropped her bundle of keys right in front of that machine while trying to dig for coins in her front pocket. So she squatted down to pick it up and she actually see some coins below the machine while doing it. Someone left those coins there for a reason?
  • Hudson was choking on his meat ball and on the verge of collapsing when a random nearby diner came to him and did an abdominal thrust on him to purge out the food stuck. You may wonder, why would someone came to Hudson when he was almost dying. Who sent him?
  • You came across a kid who is drowning at a stream with no one around. You took off your shoes and jumped in and you saved that little boy. Even knowing that you did not learn about survival swimming all your life and still you made that jump. Why? Did God send you there and knew you would jump to save that child no matter what. Or did that child shout to God to save him and you appeared?

All these events seem to be random and yet they all had a positive endings. If you are one of the believer who has been saying your prayers daily, you may also be the one who could make miracle prayer happens.

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How to say a miracle prayer that works immediately

Since you know you are already a follower of God/Universe, you are that someone who can make a prayer works immediately. For it to work, you need to be in a state of subconscious. A state like this is also known as a “Theta State”. Find a quiet and peaceful place, close your eyes and be really sincere. And feel yourself connecting with God like he is standing just right in front of you. Be really sincere and ask him for something with this prayer: Hear Oh God my prayers. Look in favor of my pain. Hear and Act, don’t delay as I bear your divine name. Here is something which may help you out in your miracle prayers.

As simple as it may sound, it is not really the word which makes it worked. It is how spiritually you are in person. How much God’s works have you done in your life and how much have you given out. Being spiritual is not a hard thing to achieve, you need to believe in it. And being able to enter Theta state can only happen when you really focus hard enough. I hereby thank you for your time for reading this till now, may your spiritual journey goes smoothly and your prayers come true.