New Age History

New Age was first discovered back in 1970s and the person who started this was no other than David Spangler. And also along with other meta physic groups. The forming of new age combines religions with Horoscope, Astrology, Self Healing, Meditation and even Tarots Reading. New age followers do not necessary comes from Christianity only. Even followers from Hinduism and Buddhism are ardent followers of this New Age teachings.

New Age Beliefs Follower

As New Age started to grow, more and more young adults who are looking into spirituality also follow New Age teachings. Religions benefits humans with spiritual teachings but New Age brings this up to a whole new level. One is good, more is even better. With meta physic joins the rank of religion teaching, this new way of spirituality improves a person life even greater. Using Meditation, which one of them is Yoga, people health start to improve greatly. And at the same time, connecting to Higher Ups are also easier after spirituality is attained. 

New Age Beliefs Growth

As we enter the world of technologies, this belief rocketed to the Moon. Internet was one of the driver for this exponential and phenomenal growth. Study shows more than 50% of Americans with or without religions follows one or more of New Age teaching. As the words started to spread like wildfire, New Age benefits are obviously pointing to the ‘Light’ side. Spiritual Healing, bettering health by eating food from Nature and even Herbal Therapy are just some of the benefits of this New Age beliefs.

New Age Group consists of more Women than Men, and the age group mainly covers 25 -70. With more followers coming from 45 – 65. Americans who are not religion bound are usually full time followers of New Age as study has found. Even those who gave their heart to God, are also using one or more of New Age Practice. The number of New Age followers will just keep spiking up as technologies bring words to more people in this world. Some, if not all of New Age teachings are on internet and there is no longer any need to learn these teachings physically anymore.