How To Command Money Spiritually

This is not something anyone can achieve easily. Commanding money spiritually requires a lot of discipline, time and perseverance to eventually master it. It is a sacred skill to have and millions of people have been trying reach that level. Honestly, only 5% – 15% of them truly learned the skill. This skill is addictive and once you master it, it becomes like a magic. As simple as saying a prayer to the higher-up and you shall receive it in different form. You literally become a money magnet.

What Really Happens When You Finally Learned It

Money does not just fall from the sky. And you do not become a millionaire after you master it, no. It does not happen this way and this is not how it works. God/Universe/Angel do not just make money appear right in your room. However below are some ways it will be commanded and flow towards you.

How Money is attracted to you

  1. Taking a walk to a park and you stumbled across a $100 note, crumbled laying there under a random bush.
  2. You found a misplaced lucky draw ticket in your study room and cross checked it and realized you are a winner.
  3. Your manager invited you to her room and passed you that letter of promotion after you worked hard and smart on your day job.
  4. Tax refund after it was found that you actually over paid it last year.
  5. A inheritance from a distanced super rich relative who peacefully passed away leaving behind a will with your name included.
  6. A surge of clients came to you on a day and bought your products
  7. You won a power ball combination

As you can see the above examples are some of the way of how you can attract money to you after you master the true skill of commanding money spiritually. It does not appear out of nowhere in huge amount. You do not become a multi millionaire over night either. ( could happen but chances are scarce )


How To Truly Learn To Command Money Spiritually

  1. Do not see money as it is, see it as a tool which gives you the flexibility to conduct your daily routine without hindrance.
  2. Connect to the Universe spiritually by saying your prayers sincerely, be really precise what you want and ask Universe for it in a quiet and undisturbed way.
  3. Best place to do this is always when you are alone in your home and your phone put to silence or take a walk into the wood. In a seated position, close your eyes, imagine you are in the space and ask Universe directly for what you need, not what you what.
  4. Do not be overly greedy, start small and slowly when you see it happening, only then you increase the request.
  5. Mix with people of like-minded, only then can you shorten the process of mastering the true skill.
  6. Exchange pointers regularly, like how to say the money prayers and such.
  7. Saying prayers daily and be contented of what you have currently and thanking God/Universe. (must-do)
  8. Be generous and help others who are truly in need of help, give and you shall gain soon after.
  9. Once you receive your first commanded dollars, be grateful. Hold them in your hands, kneel and thank God/Universe for granting you the money and promise them you be helping others in return.
  10. For that, more will be attracted to you in abundance. Rinse and repeat the cycle and congratulation, you have mastered the true skill.
  11. Do not be complacent about it, be disciplined and keep repeating the steps and help others. Be graceful and grateful always.

Bonus Method to add-on for Spiritual Money Command

Yes! You may be thinking that you tried the above methods and it hardly work for you. The true cause of it may well be that your vibration level is too low as you have been struggling financially through this pandemic in the world. Therefore, for you to be able to achieve the money commanding skill spiritually, you need a little help. Read this post if you wish to learn how to communicate with God/Universe better.

How to Raise your Vibrational Level

Have you heard of how tune and mp3 using Theta frequency could boost your vibration? These are the extra helping hands to accelerate your current vibration to match that of the God’s and Universe’s. With the matching vibration frequency your sub-conscious mind stashed, you can communicate with the Higher Ups easier. In case you do not know where to search for such exact frequency tune, we have got you covered.