What Is The Law Of Attraction

Before we even delve in to who to apply the law of attraction, we have to understand what is it all about. As the words in it does already tell a lot about it, we still need to dig in deeper so you can understand its true meaning. Law of attraction is all about attracting the desire and abundance you seek. Unlike magnet, law of attraction is about Positive attracting Positive and vice versa. 

If your thoughts are always on the bright side, you see light. So law of attraction is exactly what it is.

  • Attracting a great soul mate if you are one.
  • You attract carts of money if you are always thinking of to earn it.
  • Gaining nice and sincere friends if you treat others sincerely
  • Receiving good stuff because you were creating good karma before 

With all the above examples, you should get what I mean by law of attraction.

Understanding Law Of Attraction

Understanding how it really works is crucial. If Law of attraction has a storage space like a hard disk, it would be stored at the back of your brain. Your sub-conscious brain to be exact. Thinking positively is one of the general rule of L.O.A. However, even if you achieve that, your sub conscious brain will be the main barrier blocking that thoughts. As you storage space may be stashing some really negative thinking. What triggers that is your memories. Bad memories like you have been cheated before by your loved one or someone you trusted so much. This is the key component you need to remove before you can even move on. 

Removing bad memories is easier said than done as they are somehow latch onto your brain cells. This may take a long while to remove depending on the person and the impact of the accident. Researchers gave been dealing with this for a long long time. Removing hurt from someone emotionally has proven to be the greatest challenge for them. Till now, there are some unique way to remove them passively by using modern technology. I shall not mention them here as it will make this post a rather long one. >>> Please kindly tap this sentence if you wish to learn more about removal of negative memories.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction

Steps For How To Apply Law Of Attraction

Knowing what you want

You need to be specific in what you want, it is not going to work if you are not focus on it. You cannot be wishing for everything and pray that all of them come to you in a bundle. Pen it down on a whiteboard or somewhere you can see easily all the time. Or even make it your phone lock screen so you can see it every now and then. 

Self-made Millionaires do not just make their million in one single day, they reap what they sow. They write down on a board and they pray to it as if that desire is their very God. Doing this actually hard wire it into your brain cell storage and that how it gets Law of Attraction to work. It is all about your THOUGHTS!

Unwavering Belief

You cannot falter or even for a second believe that this is not going to work. Because if you do that, your sub conscious mind will register it as impossible. This is true and in no way you are going to achieve it and make law of attraction works since you already believe it will not work. You got to remind and tell yourself that this will work no matter what. This is something which will happen in time to come. No matter what, nothing is going to stop you from achieving it, it is just a matter of time.

Do not and never give in to negative thought or whatever others are saying. Their thoughts is theirs and will remain as their own intellectual property. You have to maintain your own thought and shell it from others. Your dream and desire have to work no matter what and they will work.

The first Step of Law of Attraction explained here

Be A Kid And Remain Naïve

Remember the days when you wish you are a Marine who will be the hero in a war? You going to be that astronaut who first step foot on Mars? Or the world renounced singer standing on the stage like Lady Ga Ga? Kids have some of the best dreams and they always want to achieve those dreams. No parents will tell them what is impossible, to them, everything is possible. 

You need to go back to being a kid if you have to. Do not let others tell you you can’t do it. Just like what Eddie Murphy said to his son in ‘Pursuit of Happyness’. Go watch this movie if you have not done so, this is one of the best inspiring film ever produced based on a true story. This is what kicked off Law of Attraction during the 90s and then followed by the book ‘Secrets’ in the 21st century. 

Image It

Smell it, grab it and most importantly, visualize it in your mind every now and then. If you ever want to use Law of Attraction for a Ferrari convertible, you need to flash that image in your closed eyes. Feel the smoothness of the contour of it. Listen to the sound of that vibration it makes when you start the engine. And the wind gushing on your face when you step on the accelerator. 

This way, you infuse that image and the reality into your mind and once your mind capture it totally, that is when Law of Attraction starts to do its work. You have to picture it on your mind before it even come to you. Imaging how proud you get when you use it to pick your friends or parents with them inside the car. ‘Think and grow rich’ is one of the huge book which also apply this method. This is how successful people trick their mind into getting what they want and when they want.

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Talk To Yourself

Yes, we do this all time and all day. You are not alone, everyone talk to themselves day in day out. This is perfectly normal and you are not insane by doing this. You need to convince your mind to know what you want and talk positive things about it. You wish for that one carat diamond ring on your finger right, so discuss it with your mind. Let it know how badly you wish for it everyday. This is also another crucial method in Law of Attraction, be positive and speak positively and positive things will come to you. 

Letting It Go

To be able to activate law of attraction, you got to let your bad memories go and so is your negative thoughts. I have mentioned this at the start of this post that you cannot harbor ill memories or thoughts which will bring you down emotionally. You got to let them go once and for all. Keeping them in your memory only does harm more than any good. Think about it as cleaning your storage space. After you clean your store room, dirt and dust will be gone and you will have more space to stash your important things and clearing away those old and defective things. So same as your mind, clear those rubbish and so it has more space for new and amazing thoughts which matter more to you.

Final Step: Be Grateful and Graceful

Yuuuuup! Congrats, you have reached the final step of learning how to apply Law Of Attraction.

Remember to be grateful for everything you receive in life. When you practice gratitude on a daily basis you are literally infusing your thoughts and feelings with a positive vibrating energy, which helps to manifest more of your desire and abundance in your life. This is the last step to achieve what you desire for and if you persevere, you will get it. 

An Accelerated Way To Aid You

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