Best Frequency For Manifestation

This may sound a bit out of the world if you are a beginner. Or even if you are someone who has not heard about this before in your entire life. So if you belong to any of the above mentioned category, you need to read this.

The Effect of Sound for Manifestation

For centuries, way before our time, shamans were known to be using sound for healing and motivating a patient. Chanting and singing was also used to exorcise and even in recovery. Sound can also repair our brainwave and connect the left and right brain. So that our left and right sides of our brain could be used to their optimal level. 

Sound was also used for fighting purposes. Especially before the fight takes place, drumroll gives that additional morale and courage. So as you can see, sound has a lot of impact on someone consciousness. At best, sound can motivate a person and at worst, induce. 

Sound Vibration Effect

Sound vibration is intangible. But one could tell if listen with attention, sound is actually made up from vibration. Vibration is then traveled and absorbed by our ear drum and heard as music. This vibration can cause someone mood to change from being happy straight to moody. And when you learn more about vibration, you would know that it could cause our brain neurons to react to it. 

Our neurons, when vibrate together at a level can cause a person to over perform. And this over performance then leads to new and fascinating achievement or result. And when you reach a certain level, you can literally think of something like drinking a coffee and that coffee appears in front of you. This is when it gets really interesting, it naturally inherit you with the Law of Attraction ability. You are able to attracting things to yourself when you focus your thoughts on it specifically.

Law of Attraction becoming Manifestation

The more you listen to the correct sound wave vibration, the more your brain grows and vibrates. That is when you start to see things happening miraculously in front of you. And it just get more and more interesting following this. That soul mate whom you have been waiting for came to you out of nowhere. And that money you been desiring is found in your lost winning lucky draw ticket. Or the status you been wishing for is realized with your boss handing you the promotion letter. Gradually, your body starts to get strong and more energetic over weeks. 

Best Frequency for Manifestation

Each set of frequency has a different effect over your brain. Use each of them individually for at least 15 minutes a day.

1. 396 Hz

396 Hz turns sadness into joy, this frequency has a very strong natural anti-depressant effect on human brains. Using 396 Hz can also heal you from emotional pain or suffering. The effect of this is able to alleviate your mood and release you from emotional pain.

2. 417 Hz

417 Hz cleanses traumatic experiences and facilitate change. It’s useful to remove negative memories. They are also used to treat stress, even stress disorders and to calm anxious patients.

3. 528 Hz

The 528 HZ is perhaps the most important. 528 Hz is known as the primary frequency of the Earth. This frequency at which nature vibrates at. 528 Hz has been proven to repair your very core DNA genetically.

528 HZ was used back in 1930s by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to cure cancer patients, with almost a 100% success rate. Since cancer treatment is a big business, earning hundreds of billions per year, this discovery was quickly buried and forgotten.

It is also used to manifest miracles in your life. The closer you operate to this frequency, the better in sync you are with mother nature. And the more likelihood you are able to attract most of the things you desire for. It is also one of the best frequency for manifestation. >>> Tap here to learn how to Command Money Spiritually

4. 638 Hz

The fourth frequency is 638 HZ. Using this frequency will improve your relationship with your spouse and friend. It also promotes empathy, allowing you to better connect with those around you. Connection with others is vital since it can build better network for you. With the ability to reach out to more people in future.

638 Hz is also a useful frequency to listen together with your spouse, as it creates a bridge of understanding and strengthen the connection between the two of you. In short, 638 Hz brings people together and improve your EQ.

5. 741 Hz

The 5th frequency 741 HZ, using this to develop your power of self expression. It inevitably makes you a powerful creator. Many famous authors exposed themselves to 741 HZ during their writing process to create their masterpieces. They also listen to it while they are having their rest time as 741 Hz subtly enhances creativity even during sleep.

Not only for creativity, 741 Hz is also known for cleaning you of your body toxins, improving your health and boosting your immune system.

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6. 852 Hz

Sixth frequency is 852 HZ. 852 Hz is very useful if you feel lost spiritually. Many people claimed that they’ve rediscovered God after being exposed to this frequency. While nobody really understand how it works, it makes everything clear and to see life and existence as it truly is.

7. 963 Hz

The final and last frequency we will mention here is 963 HZ. This is claimed to be the frequency of God. Listening to it exposes yourself to be healed. And it also empower your inner child ability, allowing you to be filled with hope, joy and laughter. This will also restore yourself to who you once were before. Making you naïve once more, thinking that every dream is real and possible. Every desire can be achieved when you wish for it.

You will realize how effective these are once you try it out with patience. Truly miraculous how even just 15 minutes of exposure can change your mood almost instantly.

This is almost hard to believe how well people would react to you after you listen 638 HZ. Not only you will be getting your point across, people are also more inclined to pay attention to you. This is truly effective and you’ll see it as a miracle.

Below is a great example of using Best Frequency For Manifestation, Tap the Play button to watch how it is done.

Best Frequency For Manifestation.This connects you to God. Tap the Play button to watch how it is done.