How Quarantine led a laid-off bartender to discover “Prayer For Financial Blessings” and manifest $1379 in just 2 days

23,637 people are now using this Money Prayers to receive urgent financial help.

Hi I’m Annie Woods, my job was taken by the pandemic which is a blessing in disguise. I discovered how to manifest by learning from this prayer book which I found and now I am using it to manifest more money than my job which lasted 2 years.

Plus, see how 23,637 people are using this prayer to manifest for urgent financial help during this difficult time of our life:
  • Lift financial curses (and remove evil spirits)
  • ​Receive unexpected gifts and checks in the mail 
  • Enjoy total financial relief with no more money worries
  • ​Attract lucrative job offers – even without special skills!
  • Manifest UNLIMITED financial blessings

This may sound surreal and it is only a glimpse what this financial prayer can do for you. Below is my true story from rag to financially stable, from a bartender to one of the member of this successful Spiritual team.

My True Financial Story

Lock down shut the bar I was working for, it left me with little to no money. Not even enough to dine in a single meal at random restaurant. I could not even pay those rent which was overdue for 2 months. My credit card debt was more than 4 times of my salary back then. 

I was stressed and depressed to the point where I would be homeless and penniless real soon. I even had the thought of ending my miserable life. Hopeless and helpless, I even wanted to turn to my parents for financial help. 

The fated meeting at the park

With nothing to do, I spent my days mainly at a nearby park smoking away. During one of the fated day, a random woman was seated close to me and asked me for a smoke. I didn’t want to turn my head as I was too depressed and ashamed to face anyone. But somehow, I reluctantly turned my eyes on her. To my amazement, she looked like one of those wife who is always worries free. She looked absolutely stunning and dazzling. She had on those beautiful looking clothes and had a massively looking diamond ring on her finger. 

We started talking and it was at the moment, I slipped my words and I told her the saddening truth of what happened to me. And too, she let out her story about herself just 3 years ago. She lost her job, her abusive husband and she had to do cleaning work for a living. She was too down to her knees and had to bite the bullet to stay alive.

She worked at a 5 stars hotel as a cleaner and she literally worked everyday just to earn enough to feed herself. It was during one of her cleaning session, she found a rather unusual looking book while cleaning a presidential suite. “I know it sounds crazy but that very book changed my life around and now I am living the life every woman would have wanted.” She claimed. Business class travel, therapeutic spa and designer clothing are just some of her normal life routine.

Book for Prayer For Financial Blessings

She finished her last smoke and she set a book on my lap and left. She did not even say goodbye. I looked at the book on my lap and saw: Urgent Money Miracle ( 37 Morning Prayers for Immediate Financial Blessings ). 

I almost fell off the bench I was seated on. Did you ever have the feeling of your life was about to change and that was how I felt exactly at that time. It was as if I held the holy grail on my very palm and felt the immerse hidden power of it. That very night, I just could not fall asleep. I can’t wait for the morning to come. My eyes were shut but my brain activity was burning with excitement. 

Reciting The First Financial Prayer

It was morning, I recited the first prayer word by word and I waited a while before I checked at my bank balance. I was shocked, in the wrong way. My phone bill took away the last $83 from my bank account and set me back with $1.35 balance. With this, I could not even buy a meal with that! And then my phone rang, the insurance lady told me that my last instalment failed for my balance fell below the required deduction. My world was starting to fall apart all over again. Hastily, I stormed to the dumpster with the prayer book grasped tightly in my hand. When I was all ready to toss it away when I remembered that lady said I needed to be in bliss mode whenever I say the prayer.

Knowing I needed to conditioned myself again, I turned on my fav dance music and went into shower. I sang happily during the chorus, I even danced to the beat. After that, I watched my fav comedy before resting for the day. The next day, I took out the prayer book and said another prayer. Just few hours later, tears streamed down my cheek as I saw $1713 in my bank account as transfer. It was my ex boss who paid me a gratitude sum for my service back then. 

Week after weeks, I continued the daily abundance rituals and in just 3 months. To my surprise I had enough money to do a lot of things which I have been wanting to. Enough money to fly inter-state for vacation, enough for me to down pay for a studio apartment in NYC. And I never had to worry about food ever. 

Prayer For Financial Blessings

I went from someone who was broke and hopeless to one who could even donate to charity anytime I want. And now I wish to pay it forward to you. I know you are reading this because you are facing some kind of financial problems like I did. I want you to have this for FREE. If you are wondering if this will work for you too, then it is a resounding YES. You need to be in blissful and positive mood when you are saying the prayer. I have a sure-fire way for you, you need to listen to this State of Bliss Audio before you say the prayer. 

  1. Down this audio to your MP3 or phone and listen to it before you start the prayer
  2. After listening, open your digital copy of the Money Prayer and recite any of the prayer
  • No books to read or study
  • No expensive course to attend
  • And No seminars to go to

Just listen to the audio, say the prayer and start receiving your financial blessings.

Testimonials after using Prayer For Financial Blessings

“He’s Mailing A Check Tomorrow”

“I Got A Job That Pays $10,000 a month”

“I finally got paid”

“Received A Miracle Just A Few Hours After Saying This Prayer”

“I Got The Amount Credited Into My Account”


A whole new world for you

Fate led you here and I am sure fate will lead you further to a whole new world. You must have had good karma for you to be landed on this page and reading this. This is all fated and Universe only choose those who believe in themselves. And Universe never makes mistake. Now, it is finally your time to accept what Universe has prepared for you:

  • Attracting more financial blessings than ever before
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  • Ending your money woes during this difficult time
  • Becoming the friend who always attract luck and wealth effortlessly
  • Never needing the financial help from the state again

Finally, being the very person who can help others with ease and donate abundantly to charity when you wish to. Soon, it will be your own time to share your success and secret to another stranger. And you would have received abundance of financial gifts. You will be able to pay the prosperity forward.

Normally this Urgent Money Prayer book is priceless or at least costs hundreds if not thousand to get. Now, for a limited time, you will get it for free when you get this A State of Bliss Mode Audio. You need to listen to this before your prayer or else you may be manifesting by default and get unwanted results. That’s why I am giving you this prayer book for FREE when you buy this State of Bliss Mode Audio for just $27 today. 

You can use your $27 to buy a bottle of liquor or you can use it to buy your financial freedom. The choice is yours to make. You decide. Keep doing something which is not working for you or do something differently and see different result. 

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Don’t take my word for it, that is why I am giving you this 60-days money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If after buying this, and it doesn’t work, email me. I will honor my words and give you back your money. This is how confident I am that this product works for you. 

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