Are you Grateful for what you have now

Law of attraction gratitude is all about the first thing you do in the morning. I wake up feeling great today and I feel fully energized by the morning sun ray which lit up my face. It is going to be a great and amazing day I know. Just like any other given day, I thank the Universe for waking me up every single morning. The moment I close my eyes the night before and the Universe opens them up, my body is healing every single second and so are my thoughts. 

The first step to a dazzling life is also the biggest and most important step. That very step is feeling grateful the very moment you open your eyes first thing in the morning. Get up, and start to be grateful and thank God or your Higher self that you are still breathing. Thank God that you have something to wake up to every day.

Waking Up using Law of Attraction Gratitude

Always be grateful for every single thing you possess in your life and that is what law of attraction gratitude is about. You have your family, your bed and even that little toothbrush you got to use every single day. And after a few weeks or so, you will then start to realize good things come to you miraculously. You suddenly have more friends willing to clinch on to you, your co-workers start to crowd around you like bees to pollen. You feel fully charged from start till end of day, you could do so many things more than before. Your spouse starts to be much attracted to you, the fire of love rekindled and so much more.

The entire Law of Attraction Gratitude first step of waking up feeling grateful is perhaps the most important step to a wondrous world. Do not skip this, this is the first ingredient of the whole recipe. Start doing this for a few days and I can assure you, it will soon become a norm in your life. When it all becomes natural, the Universe will then start noticing you and naturally gives you the abundance you deserve. 

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