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How To Meditate Spiritually 

What is Spiritual Meditation Before we delve into How To Meditate Spiritually, we first need to understand what it is and why we need it. Spiritual Meditation is self finding, it is an sacred experience to enter deep into your soul and find out who…


How To Find Out Your True Spirit Animal 

What is a Spirit Animal A spirit animal often refers to a totem or animal which is watching over you. During the ancient America time, tribes has been using these animals as a guidance and motivation to guide their way of living. They even pray…


Who Are My Guardian Angels And Why We Need Them? 

What is a Guardian Angel Guardian Angels are assigned to you by God the moment you made your first cry into this beautiful world. As such there could be one or even several angels watching after you spiritually. They are always by your side and…

Clearing Chakras for Beginners

Clearing Chakras for Beginners Spiritually 

Why unblocking Chakras is crucial This is one of the urgent reason why you do not have the perfect health, body and spirit you need and dreamed of. Chakras are the energy bank in our body and any one of them turning to unbalanced could…