What Does Venus Sign Means

Venus represents both love and money as she rules over both Taurus and Libra. She is just like the goddess of love and usually when it comes to astrological work, we see her as the love planet. This is one of the ruling planet which attracts more attention after Sun and Moon signs. As love is one of our core value in everyone life and so is money. Some may argue that money does not work hand in hand with love but in our current world, it seems that they need each other to work. So Venus sign is gaining more and more attention as the world progresses.

“Love and money” is actually an interpretation of Venus. Venus rules over our sentiments, what we value in life, and the pleasure we take. Grace, charm, and beauty are all ruled by Venus. Through Venus, we can learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, and what truly makes us happy.

More often than not, we turn to Venus on how we spend our money and what we spend on to have pleasure. The gifts we buy for ourselves and others and where we put our hard earned money on leisure activities. And of course, the kind of leisure activity we seek out for. 

Different Meaning for Men and Women on Venus Sign

Men and women cannot be looked at the same way as they treat Venus with different values. For a long time, astrologers perceive men differently from women even they are born with the same chart. Both genders does not have the same weight on Venus apparently. So we need to know the gender before we could even accurately point out the result based on gender in natal chart.

The reason of treating a man chart differently is because man tends to disown the qualities of Venus in his chart. And since he disowns it, the energies has to be sent to somewhere else. That energy will be passed on to the woman he meets in his life. 

Women, on the other hand has a totally different interpretation when it comes to Venus sign. Women literally own Venus sign when it comes to love as they are the receiver of it from men. They are more heavily impacted and weighed on when it comes to Venus sign for love. 

The Value of Venus Sign

Venus rules attractiveness: both the ability to attract and attraction to others (and things). The energy of Venus is harmonious, and this explains why people with prominent Venus sign in their charts are often treated as peace-makers. People who has Venus strong impact usually has the need to be appreciated and to appreciate things in life more. Strong Venus sign also rule arts, love and romance. It can also be seemed as they cherish or put more importance in things like money, leisure and entertainment as Venus also represents money in our life.

The Duo Sides of Effects on Personality

Where Venus sign is in play or acting up: The positive side of Venus is loving, peace making and compromise on things with other people. On the flip side, people with strong Venus could also be self centered, vain and superficial. 

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