Predicting your life by birthdate

How many times have you done this and found that you are unable to reach the wealth of level of billionaires? Like Elon Musk or even Jack Ma? Is everything really pre-destined by your birth date? If so, why bother going to an astrologer or even a Tarot reader. So you may ask, what is truly and really revealed in our birth date. This is going to be a lengthy explanation why your birth date is not the only clue or sign to determine your future luck and wealth.

Your birth destiny is only one-third

Right, you read it correctly. Human all has 3 factors when it comes to life luck and prediction. We cannot only look at just birth date and know how rich or successful one is going to be. Think about this simple example I am going to reveal to you. How many people are there in this world and if our destiny is purely based on just the day and time we are born, how many Bill Gate will there be? Thousands of new born come into this world as the same day and time as you did, and wouldn’t there be a thousand Bill Gates by now? So why only Bill Gate succeeded while the rest failed to reach his level of insane wealth?

Your birthdate may have a loading of 33% +/- when it comes to your whole life destiny. Whilst the other 66% come from another 2 factors which I will reveal to you in another post. 

Only 33% of your Life is destined

So can you do anything to your birth date destiny score? Of course not, this is what we know as pre-destined. Nothing can change this score on the Life Prediction scoreboard, this is a good grasp to know how much have you scored purely based on your birth date. In our world, 5% are the top notch successful people while 15% are the well to do. The rest of the 80% are just getting by or in poverty. You see, your birth date takes up 33% of your whole life luck, and even if you score a full mark, having the same birth date as Bill Gate, you may not be well even into the top 20% category. 

Your birth location matter!

Bill Gate is born in US and imagine a person with the same birth chart but was given birth at Papa New-Guinea. Do you still think they will have the same luck and same life? Absolutely not, no only that, the person they meet and the things they do for each even also make a huge difference. His parents aren’t the same and so his upbringing will be totally different. The school he went to and the friends he makes will also prove to be a barrier for him to fully utilize his birth chart to the fullest potential. Even if he is to have the same birth chart as Bill Gate at 33/33 full mark score, he may only be able to utilize half of that scoring. 

This person life may be smooth and his wealth luck should be good too but it will be determined by his country and city of birth standard and not to a US California standard. Rich in his own country but not to the level of global wealth ranking. Now you may start to understand from our point of view to why having a great birth chart doesn’t guarantee a spot in the top wealthy ranking. Vice versa, a poor birth chart may not prove to be a goner for the future either. It all depends on the location of birth and the person he meets in his life. 

The Trinity of Life Prediction

33 / 33 / 33 is an estimated scoring gauge for a person Life Prediction. 

  1. Birth Date ( Birth Chart )
  2. Location of birth and residency
  3. The action one takes for each opportunity

Based on the above standard 3 factors, even if you score lowly by your birth chart, there is still hope and light. This explains why same person born on same day and same time does not mean same destiny. What you have learned out there does not tell you this. Especially horoscope, can you imagine the world is only divided into 12 different type of life? Why is there still so much of income gap and wealth difference? Because each of us can never know the same group of friends or live in the same house and work at the same place! 

Twins with same birth date and place

Ah ha, I know you are thinking of this when you first read my post. So same birth date, same home of residency and even the same looking face and gender. Yes, if you look at a life of a twins, they are pretty much having the same wealth level. Well the only difference which is going separate their life prediction will be the spouse and friends they have. Unless they even share the same group of friends and exact same wife or husband and same career. Their life will be almost the same, what are the odds? 


Life Prediction By Date Of Birth

So now we learned that there can almost not be the same person in the world sharing the same destiny. It is time we delve into the prediction of each method which are popular in the world. While when it comes to destiny life prediction, there are hundreds type of prediction reading. Below are some examples:

The above mentioned are few of the world famous life prediction, most of them are by birth dates while some are by other methods as the names suggest. I have included some of the world most famous URL link directly to the online product where they predict for you virtually or digitally. These are the top notch predictors we have found and used so fat. Be sure to try them out. (Those highlighted in Magenta Color)

Conclusion of Life Prediction on Birth Date

So, we will conclude from hereon. After knowing what your birth date could affect and what not. We will continue very soon on another post of how your BIRTH LOCATION affect your life and how you can change it. Or even using it to its best potential. Your birth date is pre-destined and this can never be changed no matter what. However you will learn from us how you can alter and change the other 2 factors which also impact heavily on your life future destiny. Stay tuned for our next post. I will paste the link here once it is out and ready to help you. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss the updates and new posts. If you are interested in learning the five elements and their uses, Tap here.

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