Life Prediction By Date Of Birth

Life Prediction By Date Of Birth and Location: Last 2 posts, we spoke about how date of birth affects your whole life opportunity and luck. You should read this last post before you read this continuation post. Human all has 3 factors when it comes to life luck and prediction. We cannot only look at just birth date and know how rich or successful one is going to be. Think about this simple example I am going to reveal to you. How many people are there in this world and if our destiny is purely based on just the day and time we are born, how many Bill Gate will there be? Thousands of new born come into this world as the same day and time as you did, and wouldn’t there be a thousand Bill Gates by now? So why only Bill Gate succeeded while the rest failed to reach his level of insane wealth?

Life Prediction By Location

Thinks about this for one second from the above thought. Wouldn’t you agree that no 2 life will ever be the same even if they are born based on exact same timing? Even giving birth to a twin, there is almost a difference in timing via minutes or seconds at least. What’s more if the 2 babies are born at different part of the world? One in Singapore versus one in Nigeria, their life can never be the same and could be so much difference. 

Singapore is a very wealthy country full of opportunity and Nigeria on the other hand is a conflict zone. Of cause the one in Nigeria may still have a slight chance to fare better in life than the one in Singapore if he/she is to make the correct positive friends. And even if the parents are of better wealth or better mindsets, the one in Nigeria could still lead a better life. 

Feng Shui affects Life Prediction

What is Feng Shui? Feng shui is an art in metaphysic which the exact location of your residency plays a huge part. Lets do a comparison of 2 person born in the same time and same city. Person A stays in the country side with lush greenery and vibrant nature. While person B stays by the industrial park with working opportunity near him. Who will have a better life if both are born on the same day? 

Feng shui rules that harmony, peace and love in a home commands a better life quality. Person A has all the mountains, lakes and vast grasslands to live with and with these views and quality Fengshui factors, person A will certainly leads a good life even though his/her birth chart scores a lower point. Person B stays next to an industry area. As you know industry area has huge issues like pollution and security and is also more prone to fire accidents. Person B may have more opportunities presence, but his quality of life may be in jeopardy with all the pollution at his place. His health will be affected and as per Fengshui says, polluted area is never a good fengshui spot. So Person B may eventually leads a lower quality life compares to person A even though they are born the same day with same chart.

Life Prediction by Date Of Birth and Location Conclusion

As you already learned how a simple factor of Fengshui and even a totally different country each may affect a person life. This is why we can never look at our birth chart quality and start to depend on it that you will succeed or fail. Birth Day is unchangeable, however location can always be changed. So always know that you can migrate town to town or country to country. And this migration will certainly change your life for good or for bad. If you are worried, always seek help from a Fengshui master before doing so. This little investment may reward you greatly over time. Who Knows. 

There will be one more follow up post regarding Life prediction by Human Qi factor next. However, if you are curious on how you life prediction by birth date is. You can check via this link.