The History of Yin And Yang

Yin Yang was founded long ago in ancient China. The founder, Zou Yan who was also a cosmologist back then. He believed that everything has 2 sides, Yin side and Yang side. Since then, this study has been used by all astrologers from China and eventually speared to the Western side too. Founded during 3rd Century BCE, this research has been used for many things since then. For war strategy, for human body healing and health and of course for astrology. Meta Physics was also introduced by this theory and had since incorporated this in to Feng Shui. From thereon, Feng Shui accuracy improved phenomenally since then.

What is Yin and Yang

Yang and Yin is both the opposite side of each other. It is believed that everything in this living world has Yin and Yang involved. The difference between Yin and Yang is that Yin is negative or passive or feminine principle in nature and Yang is the positive or active or masculine principle in nature. Black and White is the best form to represent these two invisible force.

The principle of Yin and Yang is that everything exist as inseparable and opposites. The principle, dating back since the 3rd century BCE or even earlier, is an important concept in Chinese philosophy and culture generally. The two opposites of Yin and Yang attract and complement each other. Neither force is more superior to the other and, as an increase in one brings a corresponding decrease in the other, an exact balance between the two force must be reached in order to achieve harmony. >>> Tap here if you wish to learn about birth date prediction the Eastern Way

Difference Between Yin And Yang

Parameters of ComparisonYinYang
Literal translationThe shady side of the hill            The Sunnyside of the hill
RepresentationFemale energy such as moon, night, lightness, darkness, softness.Male energy such as sun, day, strength
Color DifferenceBlackWhite
Representations of seasonBegins at the summer solsticeBegins at the winter solstice
Energy representedInternal energyExternal energy

Yin is dark and Yang is bright. Everything in this world has Yin and Yang in their component. Think of Yin as still water lake and Yang as a gushing river. However, yin and yang are interdependent on each other so that they both can flourish. Obvious examples for the duality symbols of yin and yang are light & dark, fire & water, male & female, etc. Just like a couple, male is the Yang and female is the Yin. Neither one of them is greater than the other. To achieve the best effect of Yin and Yang, these two force must always be balanced and thus harmony will be formed.

The meaning of Yin

Think of Yin energy as the female pole of energy. It is denoted by dark color and is attributed to darker and cooler elements such as the Moon, Earth, still water, dark matter. Yin force exudes an outward movement. It is the universal force that is almost invisible and intangible. And also, it is only a force that can be felt or experienced.

The ancient Chinese philosophy believes that the phases of the moon and its movement can affect the Yin energies on Earth. It is also believed that the Yin force to be the origin of Yang, while being restive and receptive. And it is said that the inner sense of understanding life and its nuances reside in Yin energy. 

The meaning of Yang

On the other hand, Yang is often referred as the male counterpart of chi energy. Yang is the direct opposite of Yin (female) energy. Together yin and yang maintain a balance of chi energy. In material terms, Yang is also considered to be the physical body. It can be seen and also be touched physically.

Yang things tend to be more about brightness, movement, and any action. The Yang energy is powerful and energetic so much so that it is known as the energy of creation. And motivation and inspiration are some of the motion that describe Yang. It also can be resonated with the logical mind that tempers the creative mind. The very movement of the Sun influences the Yang energy on Earth.