What are the Five Elements?

Eastern astrology has their own way of reading your fortune, characters, love, luck and many more other aspects. Hence, I shall not elaborate so much details all in this post and be more focused on the topic of five elements.

Although there are named five elements, they are actually sub-categorized into a further 10. Which we got Yin and Yang. And the five Chinese elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of them has different meanings and different characters and same for a Yin Wood vs Yang Wood. Yin Yang mean another level of meaning which will be explained in another post.

Chinese Five Elements – Wood

In the study of Bazi and 60 Jia Zi, Wood is one of the first character mentioned. E.g Jia Yi Bing Ding = A B C D.With ‘Jia’ being Yang Wood and ‘Yi’ being Yin Wood. And if your Sun sign in Eastern astrology is Wood, your character are seen to be straight and unchanging. 

Just picture Wood being wood, Wood hardly change and they usually grow straight up so they can capture the sunlight. When was the last time you see a tree crooked or grow so fast that you actually witness it in real time visually? I guess not at all. 

Wood people tend to be set in their own ways. And although they are straight, they are indeed one of the most sentimental element out of all 5. Wood people also prefer to be in the same spot and love being rooted there and not move. Unless they are forced to, they will prefer doing the same thing and remained focus on that thing. When was the last time you see a tree moves its location other than being uprooted or sawed down? You get the point.

However it is because of their nature of unwavering makes them able to persist at their chosen field and eventually succeed in it. They well know that their hard works and efforts will eventually bear them fruits. You reap what you sow if you persist enough. Slowly and surely they will grasp their reward but it is going to take time.

People with Wood element always yearn for improvement too, they wish to grow their knowledge in their field and they cannot stop growing even for a day. And that is what makes them so strong and persistent in winning. Not everyone has that kind of determination and drive. 

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Chinese Five Elements – Fire

Fire people are seen as expressive, warm, compassionate and friendly. Think Sagittarius in Western Horoscope. Fire radiates warmth and it is this that they can usually touch other people life. They are usually very caring, sharing and can be overly generous. 

Most Fire people are normally sincere and they are the type who forgives and forgets. They like to be the center of everything and believe that their friends revolve around them. Which also makes their ego and pride becoming too strong to handle. 

And Fire people loves to lead and they are the one who will take up leadership roles if they have a chance. They are great motivator and at the same time, they are some of the best person to speak to if you need a hearing ear. Sometime, fire people can be rather fickle minded too. They get bored of those normal routine and they will start to look for other things to do. 

Chinese Five Elements – Earth

Most things and deals are build on trust and trust is one of the most important value in life. The Earth element people are not only trustworthy, they are also extremely loyal to everything and everyone they know. They are the kind of people you know you can trust the moment you meet them. As this is their natural ability and it may be just written all over their face.

Earth element as they are, are very stubborn at the same time. They will not move just like a boulder siting on the ground. This is their con and it is going to take the whole mountain just to move that piece of rock. It is also because of this, they are one of the friend who will protect you in time of trouble. You can lay or rely on them. 

Earth people is often silent in new environment but this does not mean they are not thinking. They actually think and know a lot of things happening around them, they just choose to remain quiet just like a rock. They will only open up and share their views when they feel the time is right. >> Learn on Life Prediction By Date Of Birth

Chinese Five Elements – Metal

Righteous and justice are some of the traits of a metal person. They are the type who will stand up for the weak and fight the strong. Fairness is something on the mind of a Metal person and just like a Libran, if you want to bend the rule in a game, they will not just keep quiet and let it go. 

They are not the rule breakers or someone who may violate law. They are also the type of people who can tolerate hardship and endure suffering. They are metal, no hardship or suffering can bend them easily. Metal people are somehow lack of adaptability and they can be very impatient in doing things. Metal people need to calm down and think before they act.

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Chinese Five Elements – Water

Water represents intelligence in the study of Eastern astrology. People with Water element are usually smart and they love to be on the move. They are the type that cannot sit still or do nothing. And it is because of this, Water cannot focus and they are easily distracted by anything or even nothing. 

Water can adapt very fast as they have no form just like water. They can fix themselves in almost every situations and get really comfortable with it. They are some of the fastest learners there is. As such, they become very adventurous and prefer very robust and vibrant activities. They simply just cannot sit still.

Some Water element people loves to teach and share their knowledge and wisdom. And they really share good wisdom because they are truly smart. Some of Water element people can be introverts, not all of them though. But even introverts are very smart but they tend hide their intelligence from others. 

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