Ascendant Sign Meaning The Rising Sign

The Ascendant also known as the rising sign is the first sign on the cusp of the first house of your natal chart. It is the sign that is rising on the Eastern horizon at the very moment of birth, in aspect to the place (Country and State) of your birth. This is one sign not to be neglected as this is the third most important sign after Sun and Moon. Ascendant denotes much of our characters, especially on how we see the world and other beings. It is just like how we pre judge a new friend or acquaintance we first meet based on their outlook. Not exactly superficially but more on their conduct and posture, every move and breath they make. Even their tonality and volume of their speech to us. 

Ascendant Sign Meaning The Rising Sign: It also rule our first impression to a new place, new country and a new world. What we like and dislike and how we react to those emotion. To our new workplace, the design and setup and even where the restrooms and pantry are. A new country for vacation, the airport we arrive in and how we will judge the country beauty simply based on what we see and encounter at the airport.

Our new date, how that person is dressed, their hairdo and nails cleanliness. And their overall height and size, their smile and their eyes and such. Their movement, how they stand and sit and even how they eat and drink. All these information are absorbed into your mind subconsciously even without you knowing and appear like a result slip displayed right at your very eyes. >> (Get your Full Natal Report from this Link)

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