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Month: February 2021


Who Are My Guardian Angels And Why We Need Them? 

What is a Guardian Angel Guardian Angels are assigned to you by God the moment you made your first cry into this beautiful world. As such there could be one or even several angels watching after you spiritually. They are always by your side and…


How To Command Money Spiritually Towards You 

How To Command Money Spiritually This is not something anyone can achieve easily. Commanding money spiritually requires a lot of discipline, time and perseverance to eventually master it. It is a sacred skill to have and millions of people have been trying reach that level….


Increase Your Reiki Energy Healing 

Reiki Energy Healing What is Reiki Energy The word ‘Reiki’ comes from a Japanese term “Universal Life Energy”. It means this is a process for healing another body using your palm. And then to transfer your healing energy to your patient. Note that this is…